Professional Video Production: What are the clients saying?

If your company has not included video in its marketing, it's missing an opportunity to better connect with an untapped target audience.  Over 80% of marketers say that video helps them with lead generation.  Given this positive statistic, it may be tempting to produce video in-house on a smartphone. 

Video production is a daunting endeavor and involves many moving parts -- it can be overwhelming for someone not familiar with the process.  Hiring a professional video production company will ultimately save your company money and will also successfully help achieve your company’s marketing goals.

FeatherDot Production has been producing videos for over five years.  Our network of professional videographers is able to meet the demanding marketing needs of a wide range of companies and organizations in the Orlando and Central Florida region. 

Professionalism in the video production industry means that we arrive before our shoot time.  Many of our clients have been impressed by our punctuality and readiness while on the shoot.  We understand that when we arrive early to a shoot, we can account for unforeseen situations like malfunctioning equipment, talent no-shows, and weather. 

Being a professional means treating clients with the utmost respect.  Previous customers appreciate our ability to listen to their needs and craft a plan that suits their organizational goals.  If our plan does not meet your needs, we go back to the drawing board and redesign the shoot.  Your happiness is our #1 priority 

True video production professionals constantly reinvest in equipment and professional development.  When video producers come to a shoot with old, worn-out equipment, there’s an increased chance of equipment malfunction.  The shoot can be stressful to everyone involved and a waste of money.  Featherdot constantly upgrades gear so the shoot can go as smoothly as possible. 

Additionally, video producers are constantly learning new tactics to stay on top of video production trends which in turn, gives your shoot and production a competitive edge.  

Video professionals are responsive.  What happens when you need to make last-minute changes to a video?  What happens when you shoot a video that ultimately does not fit the needs of your campaign?  Professional video producers understand these roadblocks can happen and they figure out a way to improve it.  True video professionals like Featherdot Productions are accommodating to the needs of their clients. 

To see what our clients have said about our work, we encourage you to read our testimonials.  When you’re ready to achieve your video production and marketing goals in the Central Florida region, please feel free to contact us