Where We Started

FeatherDot Media Group is a Licensed LLC Production house. Established in 2012, the owner and CEO Aaron Arnold has done commercial, TV & film since 2007. Aaron worked construction for 15 years before he decided to follow his passion and make his dreams come true. He started his journey by getting his degree in Digital Media Marketing with Specialty of Videography. Once he received his degree in 2010 he started as a Videographer for an International Television Station on Dish Network and quickly moved to Director of a reality Television series. A few months later he was Channel Producer of a fast growing competitive sports channel to compete with "ESPN". While holding the Director and Producer positions he also ran the edit house for the network.

In 2014 he decided to branch out. His love for video production & marketing grew to a team of 10+ employees and FeatherDot Media Group is now one of the largest Production houses in the greater Orlando area and is constantly finding new ways to put their mark on the industry. Though we have a team of seasoned professionals we keep our costs low for our clients giving the opportunity for us to cater a video/marketing strategy that best fits their overall needs. Our main focus is corporate video design and marketing and because video editing can be done remotely FeatherDot Media Group has Clients all over the world that send us their content and we put it together. We cater to Entrepreneurs, small startups, local businesses and global Fortune 500 companies! Our broad assortment of production & editing styles range from talking head videos, product marketing videos, Commercials, course videos (zoom & PPT), Movie Trailers/book trailers, Promotional Videos, Logo Reveals and everything in-between! If you have an idea for a video we can make it happen!

FeatherDot Media Group:


At FeatherDot Media Group, our team works hard to visually bring your ideas to life. We'd love to make magic with you, and lasting memories are our main focus. We know that a product is only as good as its representation, so we are ALWAYS available to our clients - we will get back to you via phone or email within 48 business hours. Once we start working with clients, they become family. As a small business, we know that family comes first, and we'd love to capture those precious memories you create together. We have the highest online ratings, full of happy clients who want to share their experiences with FeatherDot Media Group. Take a look and then let us know how we can help!

FeatherDot Fans

Aaron Arnold

Aaron Arnold has come from working construction to building a very successful business doing what he absolutely loves doing.

His passion comes thru everything he touches and he has built a team of like minded professionals around him. Not only is Aaron passionate about being a loving Father and AWESOME husband he is also passionate about creating lasting relationships with his clients. His work has been nominated and awarded for best film editing.

Aaron has worked with small business owners to large Fortune 500 companies, when asked what he loves most about what he does he says "bringing my clients visions to life and expanding our FDP family with new clients every day, I treat my clients like family, that's what keeps them coming back"

Bryan Nuno

First and foremost, we want to thank him for his services in the US Air Force. He served 8 years and we couldn't be more proud to have a veteran a part of the team. Bryan is our trusty CAM OP and has been with us for about 6 months. He has graduated from FullSail University with a Bachelors in Film and keeps us informed with new film knowledge.

Erica Labad

Joined our team within the last 6 months and has taken on so much! She brings with her an extensive background in photography as well as video production. Besides being a joy to our team she adds the right amount of spark and wit and keeps us going and growing, on and off set. As a newlywed, we're harnessing all of her joy and feel grateful everyday that she chose us! She's an essential part of the FeatherDot fam, for sure!!

Joanna Arnold

Joana is the glue, the anchor, the very backbone of FDMG. She has been here from the very start right by Aaron's side. Though rarely seen, she is the reason why FeatherDot continues to strive with quality and consistency. She sees all and keeps the team in top shape. It's pretty amazing how much her expertise matches the size of her heart.

Bertho Mauger

Say hello to our very own Director of Photography. Bertho is a wizard behind the lights and can make any shot a delicious scene. He has been with us for about 7 years and made all of our productions top notch! We are so blessed to not only have a wonderfully talented person on our team, but someone who shares our core values. Living your life positively and owning your truth is one thing, but to do it so freely at work is everything! You can definitely see it on him when he is on set.