3 simple tips to get the most out of your marketing on a budget

I'm sure you have seen the popular social media challenge posts (banner above). Well this is a perfect example of our #1 tip to keep in mind when on a particular social media platform. Whether it's your appearance, your product images, staff, logo, font, colors or overall style it is VERY important to make sure your brand is clear and consistent. This also caters not only to your brand, but it gives your viewers and potential customers an inside look into what you have to offer.


While it's ok to work on multiple platforms sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with. We say choose 2 or 3 platforms that get you the most results and work the hell out of them! No matter which platform(s) you choose, there is one major rule of thumb when growing your audience; like similar pages, posts, comment and repost popular relevant posts 
***Don't forget to tag the original source***.
Tagging the original source will gain more followers from the original source's page(s).


Whether it's a product or service you are offering to the market, figure out who needs it, where they are on the map and push your marketing in that direction with video. What do you like more images or videos?Statistics show that video gets up to 35% more ROI than images with written text! Want to know more?

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