Five Reasons to Hire a Video Production Company for your next Event

No other medium can communicate as efficiently as video. Recording videos with a full-service video production company can offer a variety of marketing and operational opportunities for any company looking to expand its brand presence. 


One avenue to generate excellent video content is to record your company or industry's conference. Orlando, Florida, is the number one destination for conferences in the United States. Over 1.4 million attendees travel to Orlando each year for hosted events at the Orlando Convention Center. There are even more attendees at Walt Disney Resort in Lake Buena Vista!


As a full-service video production company, FeatherDot Productions can handle video recording for any conference, no matter the attendance size or scope of services needed.


Here are five reasons FeatherDot has found it essential to record video at your next conference.


Peace of mind

Sure, you could have an intern record the event on their smartphone; smartphones are getting better and better with each new version. Just because you can record videos on a smartphone doesn't necessarily mean it'll make a good video.


Chances are, you have already spent an enormous amount of money producing the event. Unfortunately, smartphones (and the intern recording video) are unable to handle the needs of a conference like long zooms, dolly shots, and challenging light situations.


Video on your website 

 Video sells and makes a great addition to your website! It's helpful to include it on your website so visitors can see what you do and how you operate. 


Conferences are also significant investments for companies because they have to pay registration and travel fees to send employees. Help them decide by seeing the conference's value in action.


Marketing on social media 

The statistics speak for themselves: 45% of Facebook users view more than an hour of video, and 82% of Twitter users see video content on the app. Video is known to produce higher engagement rates on social.


Splitting interviews and B-roll footage from your conference can make great organic posts and paid advertising on these social platforms.


Archival Footage

Sometimes it is best to have a record of the event so your company can refer to it for future conferences. With archival footage, future conference producers gain an understanding of past event formats, lighting and stage setups, and sound setups.

Video for email campaigns 

Want to put a little pizzazz in your email marketing? Add video! Research has found that if you just put ''video'' in the subject line of your emails, the open rates increase.


Video email marketing can be powerful because it saves time with writing email copy.  It is also more interesting than static text or images and makes complex topics simple.


Our commercial video production company based in Orlando, Florida is adept in handling large conferences that are quite common in this region. We bring commercial-level equipment and expertise perfect for capturing your next event.