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Livestream your event to all your employees

When you have something big to announce or celebrate, you'll want to loop in everyone in your group. However, setting up high-quality video and audio for a livestream can be difficult. Thankfully, FeatherDot Productions can help. We'll livestream your event to make your life easier and maintain a professional setting for your speech or announcement.

Contact us now if you're interested in livestreaming an event.

Wondering if we can cover your event?

Wondering if we can cover your event?

Livestreams are a versatile tool for connecting spread-out audiences and coworkers on one platform. Any kind of major event is worth livestreaming to your company, so you can trust us to livestream:

Award shows
Promotion celebrations

With our experts managing your livestream, you won't have to worry about connection troubles or stream interruptions. Email us today for a free livestreaming estimate.